Engaging Passion

I wrote Engaging Passion in late 2016 and released it in early 2017. It features a young man in love with an older woman. This is all relative, of course. They have been working together for years. The age difference is mostly in her head. They have worked together for a well-to-do couple who are undercover workers. When Beth decides to retire, she is surprised when Ramon shows up at her door. The tension escalates when Beth realizes that the attempts on her life are becoming more aggressive. In the middle of all of this, she and Ramon deal with their growing realization that they are in love. I intentionally worked with a man speaking a language besides English. 

Here are a few excerpts:

“You are gorgeous,” he said, standing to get a better look at her. She gave a shy smile and looked away. He quickly divested himself of his pants, shirt and underclothes. He sat on the bed with her. He didn’t want to frighten her with the force of his passion, so he took another deep breath and tried to think of numbers, anything, to slow himself down and focus on her pleasure. 

. . . . “I want to see you too,” she said, marveling at the hard rippling plane of his stomach and his broad chest. He was simply beautiful. The muscles of his calves were large and well developed; his thigh muscles turned slightly where the tendons showed a thickness and strength that made her stomach flip.

It gets a great deal more interesting as the two play a dance of love with one another. This book is number four in the Hot Desire Series, It answers some questions raised in the first book, Heat, such as what happened to Val's parents.