Heat: An Erotic Romance

We published Heat: An Erotic Romance through Smashwords and Kindle Direct as an ebook. So far, at Smashwords, there have been 44 downloads of the sample. It seems people are curious. I wrote it as a sexual fantasy. There are things about it I know a contemporary audience might not get. But the sex is sure to interest. The story is about two people who have no concerns regarding income. I wanted to work with that idea. What happens to a person when all basic needs are met? Does that person still need intimacy? Of course. How would they obtain it? This story gets to that. Though the sex occurs at a "sex" party, I borrowed the idea from the many historical texts I read where there were English living in the early 1800s who had "house parties" that included sex behind closed doors. Of course, sometimes it was out in the open and sometimes it was hush, hush.