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December 2015


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Texas Gulf Coast –


            New romance writer Ela Bell makes her debut this year by releasing three novellas. Ms. Bell, a writer of long standing and former college professor, published the three short works under Narrative Magic, which handles writers working within various genres.

The three books, “Heat: An Erotic Romance,” “Hot: An Erotic Romance,” and “Desire at Sea” can be purchased as ebooks at various ebooks outlets, such as ibooks, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and several other ebook retailers.

Bell wrote the three books following an interest in texts such as “Fifty Shades of Gray.” However, she says the books are not similar to E.L. James’s work.

“The women in my books are ‘agentic’ in that they express courageousness, independence, competitiveness and assertiveness,” Bell said. “I began with the first novel thinking that I might be as sexually innovative as James; however, as I wrote it, I realized that I need to write a work that I would read. That meant I needed to make the sex easier to get to for readers.

“One of my favorite writers has been Bertrice Small. I noticed that in her more contemporary modern erotica, the characters encounter some conflicts, but ultimately, we the readers get the sex – not as a tease – but soon,” she said.

“Though I enjoy reading historical romances, when I’m ready for something a little more raw and immediate, I look for contemporary erotica. I noticed that even in those works, the writers sometimes teased the reader before the sex was offered. So I wrote the first two novellas with sex scenes early in the narrative.”

Bell admits that the story lines are rather simplistic for “Heat” and “Hot,” but intentionally wrote the pieces in this manner to offer the reader the juicy parts immediately.

“’Heat’ and ‘Hot’ both have female characters as the lead protagonists,” she said. “The male characters figure in prominently, but not as well as the female characters.

Val and Brice feature as central characters in “Heat,” while Sadie and Spenser take the spotlight in “Hot.”

“Each piece is written in third person so that we can see into the minds of the principal characters,” Bell said. “Also, the female characters in ‘Heat’ and ‘Hot’ know each other. Their close friendship is the catalyst for their sexual explorations.”

The third novel in her three works, “Desire at Sea,” features a woman who is also loosely associated with the previous two women. However, Kara is not from the same class or living the same kind of life as the other two women. Her male counterpart, Alex, plays a subdued but powerful role as a sea captain. This makes an interesting contrast to Kara’s troubled past. In spite of this, Kara evinces her own brand of power in overcoming obstacles to her happiness.

All three books are available online and can be purchased for under $5 at various ebook outlets. Ms. Bell plans to offer the books as paperbacks.

Ms. Bell will give free copies of her books to readers who sign up for her newsletter or offer a review. Write to her at

For more information or to order copies of Ela Bell’s books, write to or write to Ms. Bell at


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Heat: An Erotic Romance


Heat: An Erotic Romance—Val and Brice meet at a wild party and heat things up later at his hotel. A host of sexy couples are busy at the party, but Brice only has eyes for Val. They both have all but love in their lives. However, Val must come to terms with an emerging identity.


Publication Date: Dec. 21, 2014

Number of pages: 74

Subgenre: Erotic Romance

Heat at Smashwords (books are sold at various platforms such as iBooks or can be obtained at Smashwords.)



Heat at Kindle: (Amazon)



Hot: An Erotic Romance

Sadie and Spenser meet at a rocking Manhattan club and sparks fly as these tall athletes heat things up in a cab, at a racquetball club and in bed. These two can’t keep their hands off each other. However, each has issues that need resolution.


Publication Date: March 28, 2015

Number of pages: 65

Subgenre: Erotic Romance

Hot: An Erotic Romance at Smashwords:



Hot: An Erotic Romance at Kindle (Amazon):






Desire at Sea


Kara Carlise, a well-to-do accountant, and Alex Murdoch, a ship’s captain, meet at a New York ballet where things heat up at first glance. Kara’s an enigma to Alex who is in town for a short time while his ship is being repaired. After a short and hot romance, he heads off for Europe, thinking of her as he meets the challenges of his last voyages. Kara surprises him by arriving at his return docking and slips on board without his knowing. When they encounter some danger on the high seas, Alex shows his metal and so does Kara. But the incident leaves Kara deeply disturbed. Alex loses touch with Kara and can’t find her after she leaves the ship. Will these two find one another again?


Publication Date: July 1, 2015

Number of pages: 168

Subgenre: Contemporary Romance





Ela Bell   

Living off the coast of Texas, Ela Bell enjoys telling stories, from steamy romance to the literary. Her interest in topics and settings reflect a wide range of values. She grew up partly on Navy bases, which included a diverse population. She’s been a literary, journalistic and romance writer under various pennames. She taught college courses for a number of years before trying her hand at romance writing. She enjoys reading, traveling and playing the piano. She and her husband live off the coast of Texas where they share their home with a German shepherd and a wily cat. They enjoy walking and spending time at their seaside cottage.